Trends in Wicker: 2019

With more material choices than ever, there is something about wicker that continues to hold the attention of designers, decorators and home owners when it comes to creating a tropical-inspired, relaxed patio setting.

Advances in the technology of creating polywicker and the weaving methods thereof has taken a traditionally high-maintenance material (prone to unraveling, perish and fade) and turned it into a fuss-free, durable choice, without compromising on the timeless aesthetic as seen in our new Zimbali Sofa Set.

Some of the top trends that we see coming through in this ever-evolving material choice include:

  • chunkier weaves with a 'loose' design - this creates an airy, fresh look where light is visible through the weave, as opposed to the densely woven pieces of years before
  • textured, undulating weaves rather than a flat, one-dimensional surface - great for creating visual interest and movement
  • larger overall proportions - keeping in line with a bolder-sized weave, we notice that the patio sets making use of new generation polywicker are increasing in overall size, making for a generous, comfortable sofa set