we use only the finest materials in the construction of our products to guarantee exceptional quality and flawless craftsmanship.

FSC-plantation hardwoods, marine-grade aluminium and innovative synthetic all-weather fibres are featured throughout our ranges to create the same finesse that you expect from your interior furniture pieces.

extend the longevity of your new outdoor furniture: view our range of furniture covers and maintenance products here




all of the wood used in our outdoor furniture sets is FSC®-certified and sustainable: we make use of teak, acacia and eucalyptus hardwood elements and a mix thereof. 

FSC® eucalyptus and acacia are hard woods that are ethically sourced and withstand the elements.

caring for hardwood: wood is a living material, and as such minor cracks and a change of colour over time are natural features of this material. 
all of our outdoor furniture sets are treated with deep-penetrating oil before leaving the manufacturer's factory.

as such, you won't need to oil your new furniture immediately - it is recommended that you clean and oil your set after 6 months of use and repeat bi-annually, using a hardwood sealing oil available from most good hardware stores

when exposed to rain, surface fibres in the timber will rise slightly and take on a rougher texture - this is completely normal. simply sand lightly with semi-fine sandpaper to re-create the smooth finish and follow with an oiling to restore colour.

for regular cleaning, you can make use of an everyday wood cleaner/ polish

storage: should you choose to store your outdoor furniture during the cooler winter months, a cool, well-ventilated shed or garage is the most suitable space to do so.

teak FSC is a luxury timber species renowned for its strength and beauty. 
the teak elements used in our range are made of genuine, plantation-grown teakwood (Tectona Grandis) which is naturally impregnated with "Chinon" to protect against rot.
the naturally occurring oil content in the wood resists water and helps keep surfaces clean.

requires little/no maintenance to withstand weathering, however, over time, the sun will bleach the original golden-brownish colour and a new silver-grey patina will appear. many connoisseurs of teakwood prefer this silver-grey patina while others prefer to keep the original colour. 

to preserve the original timber colour, make use of a teak sealer oil as required.

Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit member organization, founded in 1993.

FSC’s main task is to promote sustainable forestry and economical viability and secure worker's social rights.




  • Duraboard®  is an environmentally friendly material that is durable, highly UV-resistant and has a unique surface finish.
    made of high quality eucalyptus sawdust and polyethylene resin, the surface is subjected to a customised UV and scratch resistant treatment.
    requires no maintenance at all during its lifecycle: cleaning with soap and water is sufficient. 

    caring for Duraboard: durable finish, weather resistant and environmentally friendly.
    this material has great UV stability (won't fade or whiten) and is built to last a lifetime.

    features 2 main components: a unique blend of high-quality Eucalypus FSC sawdust and polyethylene resin, extruded to create a strong & durable structure. the table top is then finished with a customised UV treatment

    tested to European impact standards for weather and longevity.

    requires no maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water as required.

  • Duresin® is an industry-leading formulation of virgin polypropylene to create hard-wearing, recyclable and maintenance-free products. UV resistant and maintenance-free. 

    caring for Duresin: polypropylene and fibre glass reinforced polypropylene are used to create hard-wearing, UV resistant elements in our ranges.
    weather-resistant, maintenance-free and fully recyclable, all plastics used in our ranges are tested for restricted substances and carry no harmful chemicals or additives.

    clean with soap and water as required.

  • Duranite® is a high-quality fibre cement board, coated with a multi-layer treatment that contributs to a scratch-resistant, supremely weather-resistant and low-maintenance surface that retains its colour due to a customised UV treatment. supremely durable, requires very little maintenance due to a coating that withstands all types of weather and outdoor environments year-round

    caring for Duranite: a revolutionary new material used for table tops and other applications for the outdoor environment, Duranite creates an oustanding quality table top that is suitable for exposure to all weather.
    scratch resistant, weather resistant and a lighter alternative to natural stone, this material does not need to be maintained or treated. 

    clean with soap and water as required.


  • the aluminium 6063 that is used in our range of products is commonly used in boat building & water-sensitive shore applications as it is ideal for outdoor use. multi-layer powder-coating curing over frames.

    this material has excellent mechanical properties and is the ultimate choice for outdoor use.
    our manufacturer's in-house extruded aluminium offers maintenance-free convenience, combined with lightness and excellent weather-resistance.

    caring for aluminium: simply clean with soap and water as required

    5 year warranty on aluminium components
    a widely recyclable material


our ranges feature fuss-free, practical fabrics with excellent weather-resistant properties for extreme durability in all climates.
Dralon, Olefin & Polyester are all used for their high-quality performance and appearance which is a result of the woven structures that resemble a linen fabric. this provides a superior look compared to other outdoor furniture sets. all fabrics have excellent colour-fastness, are extremely durable and easy to maintain. clean any marks with soap & water and a wet cloth.

caring for you cushions: all of the fabric used in our range is specifically manufactured for outdoor use, and thus is UV stabilised and low-maintenance.

to care for your cushions, we suggest bringing them under cover during inclement weather conditions to prevent soaking of the inner.

to wash, simply unzip & remove the covers, cold hand wash, air dry flat followed by a cool iron only if required.




  • the rope that is used in our newest range of furniture is created by braiding an outer layer of polypropylene with an inner core of polyester yarn using a diamond weave pattern.

    the combination of premium-quality materials and precision-weaving creates a strong, durable rope that is simultaneously flexible, comfortable and hard-wearing - and suitable for year-round use in all types of climates.

    high levels of UV stability ensure that the rope retains its original colour for many years. if constantly exposed to the sun (ie: on an uncovered terrace/ patio/ where certain angles allow for sunlight to constantly reach), the colour will fade slightly.

    our rope has undergone extensive testing in our in-house laboratories to simulate exposure to a range of authentic climate conditions, including those 'high-UV' regions such as Australia and South Africa.

    tested to European impact standards for weather-resistance and longevity, our rope elements require no maintenance - simply wipe with a little detergent and a clean, damp cloth.

    produced in an environmentally-conscious fashion and is fully recyclable.