sustainability is a non-negotiable for us, so we choose to work with world-class manufacturers who feel the same way.

our ranges are produced with international expertise from ethically-sourced materials.

when you choose to shop with us, we donate 1% of every order to the wonderful Greenpop NPO - thank you for helping us keep things green!


MØN offers a selection of sophisticated outdoor furniture, indoor pieces, as well as a curated range of decorative accents to the design-conscious individual who wants to create unique, functional and attractive spaces both indoors and out.
we believe that good design transcends mere aesthetics: that the furniture and decor used within a space should be practical enough to fit into daily life - all the while, remaining exceptionally well-made and timeless so as to enhance your unique way of living.
our curated ranges have been chosen with the South African way of living in mind: open-plan homes, expansive patio spaces, long Summer days and an appreciation for alfresco entertaining.
we are a South African, family-owned company with an eye for sophisticated design and practicality.
sourcing and importing furniture into our beautiful country for over 15 years is not just what we do best: this is our niche, our passion, our reputation.
long-standing relationships with our world-class manufacturers means that every single product that we have available is backed 100% in terms of quality and design.
call: +27606419905