Maintenance 101

Your outdoor furniture pieces are an investment, and if you have purchased high quality products, they should offer you many years of use.

To maximize the lifespan of your patio furniture, here are our 3 must-do's when it comes to patio furniture maintenance:

1. Keep it clean

A simple and effective way to keep your furniture looking great is to take care of any spills, splashes, and sun cream smears that make their way onto your cushion fabrics. Our textile cleaner is specifically formulated with nanotechnology to lift and remove a wide range of stains from outdoor fabrics.

Aside from the usual dusting and polishing of wooden pieces as may be required, it is recommended that all wooden outdoor furniture pieces receive a bi-annual light sanding and fresh coat of wood protector - this keeps the finish smooth and the colour rich on wooden items.

2. Keep it covered

During inclement weather or during the colder months, it is advisable to make use of furniture covers over your outdoor furniture when it is not in daily use.

Covers will keep your items free of dust, dirt and out of the rain.

3. Keep it closed

Going away for a while? Be sure to stash your outdoor cushions and accessories neatly away in an all-weather, lockable cushion box. This will keep cushion inners from becoming damaged and prevent premature fading of fabrics.