how to: style the perfect drinks trolley

with somewhat of an old-Hollywood, Gatsby-esque appeal, a well-stocked bar cart can add a touch of glam and festive atmosphere to any outdoor living space.

not only is a drinks trolley a great way to display beautiful artisanal bottles and glassware, it also doubles up as an additional storage and accent piece of furniture.

balance form with function when selecting a bar cart - look for something that features contemporary details: oversized wheels and sleek lines work really well to create fresh appeal, as seen in our new Portals Drinks Trolley 

the most practical configuration when it comes to bar cart design is a 2-shelf look, with bottles being placed on the bottom shelf and serve ware on the top shelf.

when it comes to styling your new addition - there are a few basics to cover that create instant wow-effect:

The essentials:

  • spirits: pick your top 3 spirits to start things off - a good local gin, a neutral vodka and a smooth whisky are all safe bets to quench the thirst of even the most discerning of guests
  • mixers: aromatic bitters, liqueurs and cordials are must-haves for creating fragrant, refreshing drinks
  • finishing touches: fresh garnishes, herbs, berries and edible flowers are not only delicious additions to a G&T, but also add a pop of colour to your bar cart.
    a full ice bucket and tongs, corkscrew, knife and small wooden chopping board will come in handy too.

Create the look - how to style your drinks trolley like a pro:

  • add decorative touches such as greenery (bonus points if you can work in some herbs to double as garnish) candles or a stack of mixology books.

    paper straws can be displayed in a vase, and a colourful tea towel can be draped over the handle.

  • serve ware: ensure that your cocktail shakers, glasses, jugs and statement vessels are perfectly accessible and beautifully displayed -  a great idea is to make use of a mirrored tray on the top shelf for maximum impact.

with a well-stocked, beautifully styled bar cart, you'll always be ready to host visitors in style.