The benefits of an outdoor kitchen

We South Africans love a good braai - and the simple addition of a food prep area to your outdoor space can really elevate the cooking (and hosting) experience.

Here are the top benefits of an outdoor kitchen:

1. Convenience: additional surface space allows for convenient placing of ingredients, dishes and utensils so that you don't have to keep dashing into the kitchen to get what you need while working the grill.

2. Hygiene: Outdoor kitchens with built-in sinks and faucets allow for a clean and hygienic prep and cook.

3. Storage space: usually kitted out with a cupboard or shelf, a good outdoor kitchen offers some additional storage for braai-time essentials such as gas bottles, charcoal and firelighters.

4. Keep the party outside: when the weather is good you can use your outdoor kitchen for everything from serving drinks, to cooking and dishing up - meaning that you and your guests can remain outdoors all day long.