Console Tables: Style Guide

Given that console tables don't typically have a specific function, they can be somewhat tricky to style. However there a few essential commonalities to achieve that refined yet effortless aesthetic.

the console table itself
measure up the space that you have to work with and ensure that the console table which you choose to purchase fits well within your available area. If placing a console table behind a sofa, the tabletop should not be higher than the back of the sofa

material: the overall aesthetic which you are aiming to achieve should guide your choice of material. For warmer, earthy spaces, opt for a console table in wood. For a more modern and chic feel - you can never go wrong with mixed materials that incorporate a charcoal or black palette.

shelving or storage: often you will find that console tables have a nifty bottom shelf built in to their design - use this space as the ideal placement for storage baskets - offering a textured and aesthetically pleasing solution to the storage of blankets, throws or scatter cushions
decor and styling - the fun part!
height: add visual interest by incorporating items of various heights - think lamps or lanterns, vases and potted plants
layers: cue the coffee table books or mirrored trays
levels: decorative objet, bowls or tea lights are perfect for creating depth
balance: ironically this step involves asymmetry - resist the urge to place matching lamps on either end of your console table, and use framed artwork or a mirror to balance everything out