Patio Design Trends for 2024

With outdoor living and entertaining a continued priority in our busy lives, the new year offers the perfect opportunity to refresh your outdoor space - creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere in which to unwind and recharge.
Here are the design trends for outdoor spaces in 2024.

  1. ‘Quiet luxury’ – placing an emphasis on classic pieces, luxurious materials and soft textures, the concept of quiet luxury gives room to understated spaces that are both comfortable and beautiful. Think natural materials and a neutral colour palette with pops of colour and character being brought into the space through beautiful patterns and texture.

  2. Bring the outside in – whilst not a new trend, seamless indoor-outdoor living is here to stay and for good reason. Opening up indoor living spaces onto your patio or garden creates an incredible sense of space and tranquillity. To achieve the seamless indoor-outdoor effect, opt for outdoor furniture emphasizes the same level of comfort as your indoor pieces and décor that reflects your interior style.

  3. Intentional, mindful sustainability – we are more conscious than ever of the impact of our actions and purchasing choices on the environment, so with an increased focus on sustainable manufacturing and materials, it’s easy to find products for your home that are both sustainably-made and made-to-last. Look for FSC-certification on wooden furniture pieces to ensure that the timber is responsibly sourced and ditch ‘fast furniture’ for pieces that are of a higher quality and can be enjoyed for a number of years.

  4. Softer silhouettes – we’re seeing more curves and softer lines appear in all the best outdoor furniture designs. More organic in appearance, the rounded edges of these pieces contrast beautifully against surrounding architectural lines and angles.

  5. Mix it up – furniture made from mixed material combinations such as wood, rope and aluminium creates a unique design aesthetic, combining contrasting textures and colours for a stunning visual effect and simultaneously keeping things low-maintenance.

  6. Comfort first – this is the year to prioritise comfort with deep cushions and plush materials to enhance excellent ergonomic design - making for the ultimate space to relax in.

  7. Light it right – just as with our interiors, the right lighting can transform any outdoor space, and you don’t even need to call the electrician. Non-fixed, rechargeable outdoor lights are really having a moment when it comes to nifty, practical design – perfect for enhancing your outdoor living areas when the sun goes down.

  8. Make it multifunctional – to truly make the most of your outdoor living areas, think about how you realistically will use the space. If you’re more of the canapes and cocktails kind of host, ditch the dining furniture and opt for a bar set and comfy lounge pieces. If cooking is your thing, make room for an outdoor kitchen and a big outdoor dining table around which to gather and eat with your favourite people. Sun worshipper? Grab a pair of sun loungers and an umbrella and soak it up. It’s your space, make it authentically your own.