How to: Set up and shape an artificial Christmas Tree

When your new artificial Christmas tree arrives with you, you will notice that it has been tightly packed for shipping purposes. In order to create that full, fabulous foliage look, you will need to set it up and shape it correctly after unpacking it.

1. open the carton (look for "open this end" text to indicate which panels will enable easiest access)

2. have a read through the simple assembly manual which outlines how to assemble the tree base and order in which to insert the various sections into one another

3. once you have the base set up correctly (make sure you have a sturdy foundation!), insert the bottom layer of the tree and begin shaping each branch individually on this layer. work from the bottom up before placing the next section of the tree into the previous, and continuing all the way to the very top

** NB: although it may be tempting to just unpack the tree and lightly fluff it, this careful shaping and filling out of each and every branch is what gives the tree its lush, realistic appearance, so take your time with the process


  • fan out the tips: working from the back of the branch towards you, fan out each tip - either straight out or to the side so that these inner tips fan out like a splayed hand. alternating positioning here ensures the trunk of the tree is hidden at the end of this process
  • separate the individual sprigs that pop out of each branch - some will be set to bend to the right, others to the left
  • continue to spread out the tips until the tree resembles a real specimen - tips should point slightly upward, especially those closest to the trunk
  • lower branches can be pulled out wider to create a full bottom section
  • check your work: take a few steps back from the tree and check for any gaps/ sections of the tree that could benefit from a little more shaping.
  • a reminder that with flocked trees, you can expect a light 'snowfall' during setup and decorating!

Once your tree is sufficiently shaped, you can then string your Christmas lights and decorations!