Buyers Guide: Choosing a Patio Umbrella

Not merely a functional item, a patio umbrella can be a beautiful feature in an outdoor space if chosen correctly.
    • colour: when choosing the colour of your patio umbrella, bear in mind that darker-coloured fabrics absorb and retain heat and will fade faster.
      neutral colours like stone or khaki reflect UV rays, remaining cooler than darker fabrics

    • size and shape: market umbrellas (octagonal shape, with a centre pole and vented canopy) are often seen in residential settings and are great for use over a dining table, in lounge seating areas, or to offer positional shade when sun bathing. The vented canopy keeps the shaded area cool and assists in better handling high winds

    • patio aesthetic: carefully consider the overall look of your outdoor area - you want your choice of umbrella to complement the space, not detract from it

    • material choices of frame and canopy: wooden frames are popular due to the organic, sophisticated aesthetic that they create and can carry through the material choice when used on a wooden deck or alongside wooden furniture. As with all outdoor wooden items, be sure to keep the wood well-maintained to ensure longevity
      A high-quality polyester canopy offers an easy-to-clean, fade-resistant option that also resists mold and stains. 

    • lift mechanism - a single pulley system for easy lifting and opening of the canopy with a rope and pin is the best of both worlds - minimizing the amount of components that are used in the construction of the umbrella - keeping the overall look chic and minimalist

    • looking after your umbrella: open and close the canopy gently, and be sure to store your umbrella closed when not in use for extended periods of time or during windy conditions as ribs and struts can break if the umbrella is thrown about. A protective cover is recommended to keep your closed umbrella clean and dry when stored.
      Top tip: wrap the canopy folds in one direction minimize wrinkling before securing within the cover
      Store in an upright position to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the rib mechanisms