Why Christmas?

You may find yourself wondering how we ended up with a Holiday Collection among our premium outdoor furniture ranges. Let us enlighten you.

On one of our product sourcing trips to The Netherlands in December 2018, we found ourselves in the beautiful town of Gouda – an impromptu visit for the Christmas Lighting ceremony, recommended to us by a local driver.

In near-freezing temperatures, we arrived in a town which can be described as a quaint version of Amsterdam. Locals and visitors alike milled about in the cobbled streets, meandering their way to the town square as the sun set on a wintry afternoon.

While enjoying a glass of red and some delicious Bitterballen at a nearby restaurant, the ceremony preparations began. Choirs sang carols, the town mayor gave a speech, glühwein was aplenty, then it was finally time for the main event.

A reverent hush descended over the otherwise jovial crowd that had gathered.

All lights in the square were turned off, plunging us into a velvety darkness broken only by the candlelight in the windows of nearby buildings.

Then the countdown began – 3,2,1… the enormous Norwegian Spruce that stood proudly next to the local church dazzled the crowd as it was lit up from bottom to top in a light display that was nothing short of magical.

There were cheers and applause from the crowd, goosebumps and even some misty eyes as we took in a spectacle unlike anything we had seen back home.

It felt like experiencing Christmas as a child again.

Climbing onto the last train out of Gouda that evening to make our way back to Amsterdam, we excitedly chatted among ourselves how Christmas back home in South Africa is simply not met with the same fervent ceremony as it is in the Northern Hemisphere. We made a decision on that train ride that we were going to change that for our customers back home.

Applying the same unwavering criteria that we use to hand-pick all of our ranges, we found ourselves the top supplier of artificial Christmas trees in the world (no exaggeration).

We chose a simple range to start with for Christmas 2019 that would tick the right boxes for a range of consumers in SA, and with each Christmas Season since then, we have added more unique and impresive items - including the realistic-looking, pre-lit Calgary Spruce Tree in 2 sizes, plus a range of Snowy trees which feature a light dusting of freshly fallen ‘snow’ for that whimsical, wintry feel – inspired by our magical evening in Gouda.

Not to stop halfway, we also have a range of premium wreaths, swags and garlands, as well as Christmas lighting, baubles and decor available, saving you the trip to the black-sheet-draped, multi-coloured flashing aisles of local retailers playing Boney M in October.

So, forget everything you think you know about artificial Christmas Trees this year – these specimens are lush, well-made and statement-making, but they are limited edition. Available now, with free delivery anywhere in SA, you won't want to miss out, because in the words of the Grinch: “there will be no sad faces on Christmas”.

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