The Christmas Tree Decorations Calculator

Looking to create that Pinterest-perfect tree this year?

The trick is using the height of your Christmas Tree to determine the optimum number of lights and decorations for a full and festive look.

180cm trees: approximately 90 decorations + tree topper + 3-5 picks or sprays

210cm trees: approximately 105 decorations + tree topper + 5-7 picks or sprays

If your tree is prelit then you needn't worry about how many lights you need - and if you are decorating an unlit or real Christmas tree, you'll want 300 bulbs/ 15 metres total length string lights for a 180cm tree, and around 20 metres total length string lights for 210cm trees.

Create a polished finishing touch with the addition of a tree collar or skirt - perfect for hiding the stand of your Christmas tree.


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