Shape up your patio for Summer

turn your patio into a tranquil Summer retreat with these simple steps.

comfort above all else

the more comfortable your patio or deck area, the more time you are likely to spend relaxing out there.

the addition of comfortable outdoor furniture is therefore essential in getting your patio ready for Summer.

you'll want to acquire comfortable, stylish and practical pieces for outdoor use that will last you more than one season.

luxurious touches create that spa-like atmosphere

the ambiance of a space is very often created by the small details - which is why you'll likely never find cheap white plastic loungers around the pool at your favourite day spa or boutique hotel.

elegant touches like hardwood construction as seen in our Cayman Sun Lounger go a long way to elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces.

complete with a cushion, this sun lounger is also easy to move around with 2 rear wheels and adjustable back-rest for perfect-positioning.

need help choosing a new sun lounger? check out our buyers guide here.

make it interesting

your patio furniture offers the perfect opportunity to get playful and experiment with unusual textures and colour palettes.

rope-style sets are making a big appearance this summer - with an airy tactile appeal in unique geometric designs.

fresh greens

the addition of fresh, vibrant plants in bold, modern vessels packs a serious punch to spaces both indoors and out. opt for lightweight, durable and attractive planters. 

our range of extra-large, Dutch-designed statement planters are available in black and white - perfect for adding that finishing touch to your space.

keep cool

Q: what's better than sipping on a drink pool-side? A: not having to get up to refill it.

our Pacific Cool Bar and Ice Cube Drinks Cooler are perfect for keeping drinks ice-cold and within easy reach these Summer holidays.

easy to transport, these coolers are also ideal for packing into the car for a day at the beach.

light it up

the quintessential smell of South African summer: the braai. 

the new Unity XL portable kitchen unit is perfect for preparing and serving food out on the patio. 

with internal storage space, a shelf, stainless steel countertop and included bottle opener and hanging hooks - this unit is practical and attractive.