ROPE: strong, supportive, sophisticated

an increasing number of outdoor furniture designers are making use of rope accents and elements throughout their ranges.
our very own Reims Lounge Set and Ipanema Chair features supple, hard-wearing rope woven around robust frames - making for an airy-looking and ultra-comfortable seating choice.
with its tactile, geometric appeal combined with low-maintenance properties, we can expect to see this design trend growing into 2020.
our customers often have a lot of questions around rope, as it is fairly new to the South African market - some frequently asked questions include:
  • what is rope made from?
    the rope that is used in our newest range of furniture is created by braiding an outer layer of polypropylene with an inner core of polyester yarn using a diamond weave pattern.

    the combination of premium-quality materials and precision-weaving creates a strong, durable rope that is simultaneously flexible, comfortable and hard-wearing - and suitable for year-round use in all types of climates.

  • will rope fade outdoors?
    high levels of UV stability ensure that the rope retains its original colour for many years. if constantly exposed to the sun (ie: on an uncovered terrace/ patio/ where certain angles allow for sunlight to constantly reach), the colour will fade slightly.

    our rope has undergone extensive testing in our in-house laboratories to simulate exposure to a range of authentic climate conditions, including those oh 'high-UV' regions such as Australia.

  • how will I keep my new rope outdoor set clean?
    our rope elements require no maintenance - simply wipe with a little detergent and a clean, damp cloth.

  • is the manufacturing process and materials used in the construction of rope sets earth-friendly?
    absolutely - our rope is produced in an environmentally-conscious fashion and is fully recyclable.