Into the light: how to light your outdoor areas

The correct lighting of a space makes an incredible difference to the aesthetic and overall feel of an area, extending the usability of your outdoor living areas, taking your patio from day to night.

  1. Find the balance - you want to create enough light to be practical, but not so much light that any cozy glow-like ambiance is lost. Think low-level, dimmable lighting instead of bright overhead fittings for your patio.
  2. Where you need it - portable lights are great for bringing light to areas as and when you need it, keeping things energy efficient and subtle. 
  3. Practical considerations - think about why you need light in your outdoor area: pathway lights should be unobtrusive and bright enough to illuminate your way safely. Table-top lights should be dimmable and cast a subtle pool of light as you dine, and lanterns are the perfect solution to bring softer candlelight to a space.
  4. Structural features - bring attention to your favourite tree or accentuate a practical pergola with festoon or string lights - creating a 'light canopy' for a festive feel.
  5. Layer your lighting - mixing and matching your light choices in a space not only creates visual interest but also allows for versatile ways in which to light your area depending on the season or situation.
  6. Back to basics - never underestimate the beautiful impact that candles in lanterns can have, especially when it comes to outdoor dining settings. Group different sizes and styles of lanterns or hurricane lamps together for an impressive, romantic aesthetic.