How to: Decorate with Mirrors

Hardworking design staples, mirrors bring instant style to spaces - whether they are used to brighten up a room, visually increase the size of it, or to duplicate a beautiful view.

1. Pick a shape

Round, pill, teardrop rectangular  or sunburst - the shape of your chosen mirror sets the tone for the overall feel of the space. Round mirrors offer an instant design refresh and work really well in entrance halls, bathrooms and passages.

Look for versatile mirrors with built-in added extras like a shelf for neat, out-of-the way space to place a small vase, prop up an art print or drop your keys on the way in and out of the house.

 Hard to resist - sunburst mirrors inject charm and happiness into a space and look great when placed over a console table

2. Choose your placement

Think about the purpose of the mirror when it comes on deciding on its placement in your home. Looking to brighten up a room? Opt for mounting your mirror opposite a window. Want to add interest to otherwise 'dead' areas like a hallway? Mirror! 

Remember that if you want to make a small room appear bigger - install the biggest mirror you can for maximum effect.

3. Focus

A mirror can create a beautiful focal point - whether you choose to draw attention to it on its own, or surround the mirror with your favourite art pieces, or mount above a cozy fireplace.

4. Pick your style

Different mirrors evoke the feelings of different design eras. Pick one that speaks to your own personal taste and works to complement your existing decor.