Buyers Guide: Creating the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

Much like creating the perfect dish, creating the perfect dining space also requires attention to detail, a little bit of time and a flair for presentation.

1. For starters: choosing a table

The type of table you choose will impact the overall look and feel of the resulting space. Consider the number of guests that you tend to host around the table - an extendable table is great for accommodating a few extra friends!

2. Complementary chair pairing

You'll want to be able to entertain, eat and chat in comfort - so opt for chairs that are a suitable height for your table. A set of dining chairs and table is always a safe bet as these are designed at just the right heights

3. All the right ingredients

Pay careful consideration to the types of materials that are used in the construction of your chosen outdoor dining furniture, as these will influence the longevity of and maintenance required on the furniture.

Make sure all the non-negotiable boxes of durability, low-maintenance, weather-resistance, and good looks are ticked!

4. Feast for the eyes

By creating an outdoor dining space, you're granted the opportunity to decorate, accessorize and style it with just as much attention to detail as you would an interior room of your home. Add your own aesthetic touches by choosing finishes that you love - be it a Scandi-style wood and aluminium set, a striking black feature set or a classic wicker arrangement.

Throw in a couple of planters with some lush greenery in the space and the look is completed.