the green-thumb cheat sheet

keep your plants in great shape even if you are not a gifted gardener, with our list of common potted plant problems + solutions:

plant problem

cause  the solution
leaves are drooping + dry not enough water give the plant more water
leaves are limp and dry but you're watering enough unfavorable positioning move your planter to a less drafty area or elevate off of the floor during cold months
bottom leaves are yellow + falling off excessive watering allow the soil in your planter to dry completely and then adjust your watering schedule accordingly
leaves have brown edges sunlight deprived position your planter closer to a window or other sunny spot
leaves fall off suddenly temperature fluctuation + draft move your planter to an area with a more consistent temperature
leaves are curling, developing holes or white patches potential insect infestation check for critters and treat accordingly
brightly coloured leaves are turning pale green not enough sunlight allow the plant more natural light to restore colour
plant has stunted growth planter size + position allow the plant more access to natural light and try re-potting in a larger planter
potting soil is turning white usually a harmless fungus remove and replace the top layers of soil, ensure proper watering + drainage