how to choose the right pot for your plant

bring life to your everyday spaces

indispensable to our interiors, living greenery creates a sense of calm connection to nature.
a planter should bring out the best in your plants, so be sure to choose with care.

1. material choice

there are so many gorgeous options when it comes to the type of materials to choose from when selecting a planter: classic terracotta, sophisticated ceramics, practical plastics, chic concrete and natural woods are all popular choices for various reasons.

it's important to keep the space in which you intend to use your planters in mind when selecting an appropriate container for your plants: is the space indoors or out, covered or uncovered, and the overall style of your space.

we love a synthetic wood + plastic composite mix as it offers the best features of all materials in one: unbreakable, lightweight, versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, fadeproof, frostproof, 100% handcrafted, sustainably made and recyclable!

2. colour

here, you want to look to your existing interior design and work with that in mind. neutral, monochrome colours work really well on natural surfaces like spacious wooden decks and tables.
create balance by coordinating all planters of different sizes in the same colour.

3. size

this is all about the plant: be sure to choose a pot that is big enough to accommodate your plant of choice as a planter that is too small will restrict the growth of your greenery!
also keep in mind the space in which you are going to place your planters: wide, open-plan and double-volume areas accommodate taller planters beautifully.

4. placement

indoors/ outdoors/ both?
if there's one thing we love, it's versatility. opt for planters that can be used both indoors + outdoors so that you can keep things fresh each season.

lightweight planters such as those from our Pure Range are easy to re-position as and when you fancy, unlike traditional concrete and terracotta pots.
when selecting planters for outdoor use, make sure that yours are fade-proof so that they remain beautiful for years to come.