selecting outdoor furniture that will last more than one season

there are 2 crucial elements to consider when you decide it's time to buy new outdoor furniture: 1) your choice of materials and 2) your individual taste.


if you keep this in mind when buying your new pieces, the investment that you make in your furniture will offer a great return, remaining beautiful year after year.

  • "buy cheap, buy twice": it's a well-known saying for good reason.

    while it may be tempting to purchase a cheap, mass-produced furniture set, rather, make your decision with quality at the front of mind: look for bespoke furniture that is covered by a reputable manufacturer warranty, crafted from sustainable, high-quality materials and that is backed by a store with a solid returns policy. this way you will be investing in a beautifully made product that is made (ethically) to last, and comes with priceless peace of mind.

  • trends are just that. while a nest-like daybed will be "in" one season, you're guaranteed it will be "out" the next.
    avoid getting caught up in any trends that stray too far from your own intuitive personal taste and opt for contemporary furniture that resonates with you, while still having an edge to it.

    the timeless, upmarket aesthetic of Scandinavian design as featured in our ranges of outdoor lounge, dining and poolside furniture is the ultimate sweet-spot: clean lines, ergonomic shape and beautiful form lends itself to modern spaces with an unchanging quality of effortless, understated sophistication.

need help choosing your perfect outdoor furniture set? feel free to contact us for advice