How to Choose: Your Winter Storage Solutions

we're all about making the most of the hours in a day, so the fact that these outdoor storage sheds and boxes are completely maintenance-free really excites us. 

quickly-assembled using only household tools, you'll be able to pack everything away neatly in no time at all.

how to choose the right storage unit:

1. consider your space:

if you have a larger space in your garden, take a look at the Artisan 7x7ft shed. this modern and chic garden shed features stunning design, and nifty features such as crystal-clear windows (for natural light), lockable doors and included heavy-duty floor panel.

for the courtyard or patio - take a look at the Grande Store which includes genius hands-off bin-opening kit for clever wheelie-bin storage (can accommodate 2 x wheelie bins, and is also lockable to keep naughty Vervets/ Baboons out of the rubbish before dustbin day). dustbin storage aside, this unit can accommodate the much-loved braai, bicycles or lawnmower.

for pool-side storage, we love the Ontario Storage Box - an extra-large box that is weather-resistant and lockable, perfect for floats, pool equipment & toys or even gardening tools.

2. think about your style

gone are the days where installing a garden shed meant compromising on aesthetics. 

the Duotech range of products (Artisan Shed, Grande Store and High Store), can all be painted (completely optional, as these are supplied in a trendy neutral-grey) to complement your home setting. 

sophisticated styling combined with clean lines make for an unobtrusive and (dare we say) gorgeous addition to the yard.


3. longevity

quality & versatility are so important when it comes to splashing out on what most consider a 'grudge purchase'. storage is an absolute necessity for keeping items in great shape when not in use.

the exceptional resin construction of these items mean that they are maintenance-free (will not fade/rust/peel), and are guaranteed to last for years to come - the Duotech Range carries a 10 year warranty per item, while the Ontario Box carries a 2 year warranty.

versatile dimensions make for a storage unit that will be able to accommodate a wide variety of needs