Textile Cleaner (1L)

R 590.00

Only 6 units available

Keep your outdoor fabrics in top condition with this innovative, high performance textile cleaner 

  • use to remove a wide range of stains from outdoor cushion covers
  • made in Europe
  • features nanotechnology
  • 1L 


  • wear gloves when using this product
  • use only in a well ventilated area
  • thoroughly dampen the area to be cleaned with water - removing as much of the surface stain as possible
  • shake the bottle well and spray textile cleaner onto the affected area, ensuring complete coverage
  • leave the product on for 3-10 minutes to take effect
  • use water and a soft scrubbing pad/ brush to work the textile cleaner into the stain
  • rinse the area with water and allow to dry 
  • if the stain is not completely removed, repeat the above steps until the desired result is achieved
  • light spills/ stains can simply be cleaned using mild soap and warm water, applied with a cloth and allowed to dry

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