embracing the philosophy of Lagom

Lagom: "just the right amount".

with no direct-to-English translation, this is a Swedish philosophy of balance, mindfulness and moderation

as a brand, we resonate with the idea of 'living lagom', which is why you'll notice a definitively minimalist, Nordic feel and practicality throughout our range of outdoor furniture and garden planters.

our outdoor lounge sets feature clean lines and neutral hues, balanced against full, luxurious cushions.

in our Annecy Dining Set, sustainable, FSC-sourced natural wood is paired with new-technology virgin resins to create the perfect balance between soft, refined warmth and retro-chic.

the question of numbers.

while sprawling 12-seater dining sets are enviable (and of course essential for the frequent entertainer), most of us would get far more practical (and understated) use out of a standard 6-seater outdoor dining set, without having to compromise on the gorgeous looks & generous proportions


when it comes to quality - this is something not to be overlooked. 

not only are our outdoor furniture sets covered by 3 year warranties by our manufacturer, all materials and labour processes used to make up our range are completely sustainable.