choosing planters: the buyers guide

so much more than a mere vessel for your plants, planters should be seen as a way to imbue your own style into a space while injecting an always-welcome burst of fresh greenery.

the 3 components of colour, design and material are what should be considered when it comes to choosing planters that will truly make a statement in your home or garden.

1. define your design purpose

whether you are aiming to frame an entrance, define a path or draw the eye to a focal point - your own personal taste and overall style & architecture of your home should be considered when choosing your new planters.

2. work with your space

chic, contemporary interiors & exteriors look phenomenal when decorated with plants and pots that feature strong, clean, well-defined lines and monochromatic hues, bringing continuity and dramatic appeal to a space.

3. better together

placement and positioning are of paramount importance. consider grouping planters in various sizes in 3's or 5's for a high-impact statement. go big, and go with what speaks to you.

4. plant choice

seemingly obvious but sometimes it's easy to get caught up in aesthetics! remember that the size of your planter will determine what plants can be placed within them. most great nurseries can assist with plant selection - not only recommending the right plants in terms of size and light requirements, but also in terms of really unusual, eye-catching and texture-rich greenery for your new pots.

5. take care

establish a watering, weeding and feeding schedule so that your foliage remains looking gorgeous for as long as possible. remember that potted plants require good quality soil, drainage and the occasional dose of plant food to stay in tip-top condition.


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