Textile Protector (1L)

R 790 R 890

Keep your outdoor fabrics in top condition with this innovative, high performance textile protector

  • made in Europe
  • features nanotechnology
  • 1L 
  • invisible and transparent
  • makes outdoor cushions / umbrellas water & dirt repellent
  • helps to prevent stains while keeping the natural look of the fabric
  • allows moisture vapour transmission
  • with built-in Mould & Mildew inhibitor
  • designed for optimal penetration into low-porosity surfaces
  • suitable for use on outdoor cushions, seats, rope and parasols
  • Before using the TEXTILE PROTECTOR, eye protection and rubber gloves should be worn. Cover the ground under your work area before starting.- Use TEXTILE CLEANER first to remove all stains. Allow to dry completely. Spray the Textile Protector directly on the cleaned area. Spray enough TEXTILE PROTECTOR in such a way that the cleaned area is soaked completely. Allow to dry completely for 24 hours before further use. One application should be sufficient, otherwise repeat the procedure. It is recommended that you treat your outdoor fabrics with this product at least twice a year to keep them looking great.

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